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Arthritis sufferers, athletes, and pets seeking joint health have discovered the healing powers of Flexicose!

Flexicose Glucosamine is a safe alternative to prescription arthritis drugs.

Chondroitin for Joint Health

Flexicose for Pets Too!

Flexicose for dogs is a very safe alternative for treating canine arthritis. Unlike dangerous prescription medications, there are virtually no side effects with glucosamine.

Flexicose is a pure liquid glucosamine joint care formula which also contains MSM. Flexicose is proving to be one product that works to alleviate arthritis joint pain and promote healthy joints naturally without side effects.

List of Ingredients in Flexicose

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Flexicose works for both pets and humans. The "Pet" formula of each is identical to the human formula. We, like many of our customers, share our bottle of glucosamine with our dogs.

Dogs Get Arthritis Too!

The type of arthritis that older people suffer from is exactly the same as that which canines get in their later years also. Unfortunately, there is no cure or any way to stop the progression of osteoarthritis in either humans or dogs. There are ways that we can help our pets who suffer from this joint disease however.

Flexicose glucosamine for dogs is a popular supplement nowadays that veterinarians and pet owners are using to treat arthritis in canines. It is an all-natural supplementation product whose main ingredient is glucosamine. This is a product that is found in nature and is used by the body to build and regenerate damaged joint tissue. The way arthritis affects the body is by damaging this cartilage tissue within the joints. As it becomes thin due to the arthritic disease, the bones are allowed to rub together and since they have sensitive nerve endings in them, this causes pain for the dog is the joints are used.

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One of the best things about using Flexicose glucosamine for dogs versus prescription medications is that veterinarians may suggest is that this product actually helps to rebuild and regenerate and repair the damages which are caused by osteoarthritis inside the joints. Flexicose is not a quick fix way to relieve the pain your dog is suffering. Instead, it's a long-term strategy for aiding the body in giving it the necessary building blocks it needs to maintain healthy joints.

The prescribed medicines that vets often suggest work almost immediately for relieving joint pain. However, unlike Flexicose glucosamine, they do nothing in the way of helping address the root of the problem by supplying none of the necessary nutrients the body requires to repair itself and the damaged joints. Instead, they simply hide and cover up the pain which provides this immediate relief to the animal.

One of the main drawbacks for these prescription medications is that they often have unwanted side effects which can be extremely detrimental and sometimes even worse than the actual disease itself. In fact, some pets have been known to die from the side effects. These are extreme cases, but if they were as prevalent in a human medicine as they are in these, the drug would be banned by the FDA. The rules and regulations regarding medicines for dogs and their safety are not nearly as stringent as they are for people.

Another advantage to using Flexicose glucosamine for dogs is the expense factor. Flexicose is extremely inexpensive compared to the daily requirements of most of the prescribed drugs for pet arthritis. Even for large dogs, the monthly cost is well under $30. For small dogs, one bottle can last up to three or four months. This makes the daily dosages extremely cost-effective compared to the high-priced and brand named prescription alternatives. When your dog is diagnosed with arthritis in his or her joints, always ask the veterinarian about first using a supplement product like Flexicose glucosamine. This should be your first step in addressing this degenerative disease.

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Cactus Canyon has partnered with DTC Health and all orders now ship directly from them, the manufacturer...same low prices and fast service!

Ease the Pain From Damaged Joints and Arthritis Naturally

Flexicose Liquid Glucosamine is one of the most effective glucosamine formulas available today. Glucosamine is an all natural supplement made from shellfish shells and highly processed corn. Liquid glucosamine has been shown to be highly beneficial in treating joint and arthritis pain. Glucosamine acts in stimulating the cells of joint cartilage to produce proteoglycans and glucosaminoglycans. These substances are responsible for maintaining your joints' health. Research has show that glucosamine also slows chondrocyte production. Chondrocytes are enzymes which destroy joint cartilage.

Flexicose For Healthy Joints Safely

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Glucosamine has been a popular supplement for over 20 years in this country, and has been used even longer in Europe. It has proven to be a very safe and effective treatment for slowing the progression of osteoarthritis, ease the pain of arthritis, and actually renew synovial joint fluid. Liquid glucosamine is considered by many as a first choice in promoting flexible and healthy joints. Why is Flexicose Glucosamine the Best Choice?Unlike glucosamine pills, liquid glucosamine has no fillers. As with other drugs and supplements, liquid forms are the best choice for complete absorption. And compared to rub-on creams, liquid glucosamine provides long lasting pain relief. In addition to glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate, Flexicose Glucosamine contains 11 other ingredients for easing pain and promoting joint health.

Safe, Effective and All Natural

Flexicose Glucosamine was developed using the most recent scientific findings, and formulated to provide a combination of ingredients that would have a significant impact on your arthritis joint pain and to assist in rebuilding damaged cartilage. Flexicose contains ingredients that are found in no other products on the market today. Its unique liquid formula, with high quality glucosamine HCL and glucosamine sulfate, and eleven complimenting ingredients create a product that is guaranteed to significantly reduce your osteoarthritis pain. Flexicose's unique glucosamine formulation holds the key to your return to living a normal, pain-free life without the need to risk the side effects of NSAIDs or Cox-II inhibitors. Read more here about Flexicose.

Alternatives to Glucosamine Can Be Deadly!

Did you know that an estimated 16,000 people with arthritis die each year from complications with common anti-inflammatory drugs? These drugs include ibuprofen (Motrin-IB, Advil) and naproxen (Aleve) which can cause stomach bleeding. And besides the 16,000 deaths each year, there are nearly 100,000 people hospitalized each year from anti-inflammatory complications. It simply makes no sense to start taking these potentially dangerous drugs without first trying liquid glucosamine.

The Latest Glucosamine Study!

The GAIT Study Results are in and very positive for glucosamine users! GAIT stands for "Glucosamine / Chondroitin Arthritis Intervention Trial". This study is the most comprehensive of any study done in the U.S. to date!

In summary the study found in nearly 80% of cases studied glucosamine was able to significantly reduce joint pain in those suffering moderate to severe pain! The entire results of the study can be seen HERE.

Make Glucosamine Your First Choice for Joint Health!

With its pure liquid glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, and 11 other natural ingredients, Flexicose Liquid Glucosamine is the ultimate choice in fighting arthritis pain and promoting the best possible joint health. And all these great benefits come with virtually no side effects. Flexicose Liquid Glucosamine is extremely safe and very effective.

Your Joints Deserve The Best!

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